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Our Story

It all started small-with a few like-minded people with a shared vision. Now, we've grown into something huge.

Our Motivation

Quality Video content is what drives our work. It's what motivates us to get up every day and do what we do. Most importantly, it keeps pushing us to reach higher and higher goals with each new challenge.

Our Team

Only Animators, story boarders, and web designers don't make up our team. We're a group of people with the same passion, making a real difference.

Our Services


Our mission is to help more people in marketing like you every day, and that's why we're dedicated to provide video animation production services. Want to know more about what we offer? Here's everything you need to know.

Pixle Digital

Our company specializes in animation production in the fields of 2D cartoon, motion graphics, whiteboard, typography, 3D and live action. The talented animators and storyboard makers on our team have helped over 100,000+ businesses engage with their customers using animated marketing videos. Consequently, our videos are considered creative videos by our clients since they are a remarkable effort to target an audience

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